Sunday, 7 June 2009

Working with Noodoll

For the past month I have been contributing with the lovely people at Noodoll. With the help of illustrator Luke James, Yiyang Wang has recently published a great little children's storybook called Ricehead's Revenge, and are now developing a range of toys, wallets and gadgets based on the book to bring to shops nation wide.... and it's my task to handle the design, starting with a promotional send out to vendors.

Riceroar and his seven friends live in a deep dark haunted forest, so we came up with the idea of creating a collaged set based on aspects of the book. 

The draft of the design...

Introducing (from l-r) Riceroar the ipod case, Riceroom the purse for bits and bobs, Ricemon the phone case, Riceowl the purse, Ricelight the pencil case, Riceapple the purse, Ricebat the screen buffer and Ricestorm the camera case...

So three weeks worth of cutting and here are the developmental shots...

The background.

All the elements ready to be set up.

And it's now ready for the creatures!!

Soon to be updated when our photographer comes into get the shots... and with the poster designs.

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